973. US attempts to blacken Huawei will fail


US attempts to blacken Huawei will fail
Source: Global Times Published: 2019/4/21 22:13:38

The Times reported on Saturday that according to a UK source, the CIA says that Huawei has taken money from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and China’s state intelligence network. The vague information has a clear purpose: To further blacken Huawei.

The US has spared no effort to attack Huawei, which is obviously more than just concerns about information security. There are many ways to ensure information security, and it is easy for US technology to prevent Huawei from being used to gather intelligence. But there has been no evidence proving Huawei espionage, and it is difficult for the US to let the whole world believe such a fake story.

Washington has three major purposes for blackening Huawei’s name. First, it wants to attack Huawei and win time for the US’ 5G technology. The US worries that Huawei’s devices will quickly become popular worldwide and thus will set a standard in the 5G era. The US wants the world’s most developed areas to separate from Huawei’s influence. It wants the West to achieve high-tech decoupling with China.

Second, the US has to fight to the end because it has sent its requests to its allies. It wants to set a precedent that US allies prioritize US interests and demands. Some Western countries are still hesitating, and Washington worries that they will stay neutral in US-China competition and gain a strategic initiative.

Third, Washington did not use Huawei’s devices in 4G, and it is resolute in not using Huawei’s 5G devices as well. This means the 5G network in the US is highly likely to fall behind China’s 5G construction. The US does not want its allies to surpass it in 5G.

During the later stages of 4G construction, China surpassed the US in 4G network coverage and speed. This triggered China’s leading mobile payment system. But the US still leads China in modernization. What will happen if European countries, which match the US’ modernization progress, follow the example of China in 5G, not the US? Washington does not want to worry about this.

It is ridiculous for a superpower to use almost every legal and diplomatic tool to attack a high-tech company. This is unprecedented in human history. But the US may still lose its war against Huawei.

This is because the US’ accusations are groundless and untenable. Huawei is in the best financial situation of any company, and the US has had doubts about Huawei’s security risks for years. How can Huawei risk its reputation to gain but a little money from state intelligence and the army? Besides, Europe used Huawei’s devices in 4G, do they not remain safe?

As China is labeled a strategic competitor by the US, Europe has become a card that the US is eager to play. We believe Europe will cherish its independence. Countries that follow the US on the Huawei case are merely buying Washington’s favor, and will eventually lag behind and become a puppet.

European countries should not be deceived by the US and must understand all the environmental factors of Huawei’s case.

If they believe such false information that alleges Huawei is funded by the PLA, they are just like a kindergarten child at the mercy of their US teacher.

972. 造出9纳米光刻试验样机








971. Electric buses manufactured by BYD of China


Source: Xinhua| 2019-04-05 20:40:22|Editor: Yamei

Guests cut the ribbon at the 300th BYD electric bus offline ceremony in Lancaster, Los Angeles County, the United States, April 3, 2019. China’s leading electric vehicle maker BYD held a ceremony on April 3 to celebrate its 300th bus at its Lancaster manufacturing plant in the U.S. state of California, marking a milestone for production. The 300th bus, a 35-foot BYD K9S model transit bus, is one of three built for the Capital Area Transit System of Baton Rouge, capital of the U.S. state of Louisiana, the company said in a release. BYD opened its North American headquarters in Los Angeles in October 2011. Since delivery of its first U.S. battery electric bus in 2014, BYD has provided buses for customers in more than 13 U.S. states and four Canadian provinces. When BYD opened its Lancaster manufacturing plant in 2013, it had a handful of employees working on 10 buses in a 106,000-square-foot (9848-square-meter) building. In just six years, BYD has grown to become the largest battery electric bus manufacturer in North America, with more than 750 employees, helping the local community to decrease its unemployment rate from 24% in 2014 to 4% this year. From one bus model under production in 2013, BYD’s product line has expanded to include 12 models, the most of any e-bus manufacturer in the market, according to the company. (Xinhua/Li Ying)
By Julia Pierrepont III, Huang Heng
LOS ANGELES, April 4 (Xinhua) — China’s leading electric vehicle maker BYD held a ceremony on Wednesday to mark the completion of the 300th electric bus at its Lancaster manufacturing plant in the U.S. state of California.
“Do right one time, one team BYD.”
Hundreds of excited American workers were cheering, colorful balloons bobbed toward the sky, and a big blue ribbon fluttered in the breeze.
“Three hundred electric buses is a significant milestone. And one million miles of emission-free transportation is pretty cool,” said Frank Girardot, BYD’s vice president of communications, referring to BYD’s customer Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA), which is expected to realize 1 million miles (1.6 million km) of zero-emission bus operations in early May.
AVTA has ordered 85 electric buses from BYD, and 25 buses have been delivered up to now, according to the company.
Local, state and international officials who attended the ceremony agreed that a concerted U.S.-China effort allowed BYD North America and the city of Lancaster to take the lead in the business of manufacturing zero-emission electric buses.
“The U.S. and China working together … This is a successful model that the rest of the country could use to achieve similar success,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris, in an interview with Xinhua.
Michael D. Antonovich, former Los Angeles County supervisor and Metro board chairman, signed a contract with BYD’s Senior Vice President Stella Li in 2013 for 25 all-electric buses from the company, as part of the County’s 30-million-U.S.-dollar clean air bus technology pilot project.
“There were some skeptics when BYD chose Lancaster as home to its operations. Now these same skeptics are true believers, as they watch this world-class company continue to literally change the world for the better,” said the mayor.
Since the delivery of its first U.S. battery electric bus in 2014, BYD has provided buses for customers in 13 U.S. states and four Canadian provinces.
Shi Yuanqiang, deputy Chinese consul general in Los Angeles, said “this actually is an example of how the two sides can work together to contribute to the common cause of better, green development.”
“BYD is a perfect combination of technology, engineering and innovation of China and the United States, which yields mutual benefits and win-win results,” Shi said.
When BYD opened its Lancaster manufacturing plant in 2013, it had a handful of employees working on 10 buses in a 106,000-square-foot (9,848-square-meter) building that once housed a motorhome manufacturing facility, according to the company.
In just six years, BYD has grown to become the largest battery electric bus manufacturer in North America, with more than 750 employees.
“This is just the beginning. We expect great things to happen in Lancaster,” said Patrick Duan, vice president of operations for BYD North America.
Duan is credited with playing an integral role in bringing BYD to the United States and has continued to foster the continued growth of BYD in Lancaster.
He pointed out that BYD-manufactured battery electric trucks and forklifts are already in use in Los Angeles and Long Beach’s ports and rail yards and that the company is doing demonstration runs with its electric garbage trucks in several cities, including Seattle, Palo Alto and Southern California.
Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger applauded AVTA for being the first fleet to go 100 percent electric in the nation.
“This proves we can go green and it can be painless. The cost is not significant,” she said. “It becomes a cost of savings when you have a cooperative partnership between the private sector and the government.”
She also praised BYD for setting a high standard for diversity hiring. “What I’ve found exciting is BYD employees are 85 percent minorities, veterans, a growing number of women and second-chance employees. BYD really stepped up to the plate.”
Source: Xinhua| 2019-04-05 20:40:22|Editor: Yamei

File photo taken on March 23, 2017 shows people working at the assembly workshop at BYD’s manufacturing plant in Lancaster, Los Angeles County, the United States.

China’s leading electric vehicle maker BYD held a ceremony on April 3 to celebrate its 300th bus at its Lancaster manufacturing plant in the U.S. state of California, marking a milestone for production. The 300th bus, a 35-foot BYD K9S model transit bus, is one of three built for the Capital Area Transit System of Baton Rouge, capital of the U.S. state of Louisiana, the company said in a release. BYD opened its North American headquarters in Los Angeles in October 2011. Since delivery of its first U.S. battery electric bus in 2014, BYD has provided buses for customers in more than 13 U.S. states and four Canadian provinces. When BYD opened its Lancaster manufacturing plant in 2013, it had a handful of employees working on 10 buses in a 106,000-square-foot (9848-square-meter) building. In just six years, BYD has grown to become the largest battery electric bus manufacturer in North America, with more than 750 employees, helping the local community to decrease its unemployment rate from 24% in 2014 to 4% this year. From one bus model under production in 2013, BYD’s product line has expanded to include 12 models, the most of any e-bus manufacturer in the market, according to the company. (Xinhua/Yang Lei)

G22. Burning of Notre Dame Cathedral and Burning of 圆明园


Today, I was watching the fire on television that was burning the historical landmark 巴黎圣母院 Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral.  Every time when I visit Paris, I almost always  stop by Notre Dame to appreciate this priceless art treasure.  It belongs to the whole human race.  Somehow, in my mind, a light of the burning of 圆明园 flashes.  A priceless treasure of the human race was also destroyed by fire.  Somehow, by chance  or by design, when I read today’s Guancha.cn, there is a picture of the 圆明园 ruins next to a picture of burning of Notre Dame Cathedral. A letter posted on Guancha.cn was written by Victor Hugo to this French officer who ordered the burning in Beijing.  I am reproducing this letter and two pictures below.

Notre Dame Cathedral Burning

Ruins of burnt 圆明园





G21. More on Mayor Han


Friends in our chat group continue to have discussions on Mayor Han’s speech at Harvard and his method of running Taiwan politics. I have prepared and am posting another letter of mine together with letters from chat group friends.

George Tsao <tsaogt@gmail.com>

下午1:30 (6分钟前)

发送至 George、 waifah、 Fred、 tsaogt2、 John、 Chunghorng、 Chen、 Marshall、 hank、 Hong-Yee、 Mary、 Kuo、 Yunhan.chu、 chienchungli、 George、 hflee001、 Richard、 Jay、 tplee2、 Paul、 Liupolun、 Lawrence、 Charles、 nan-ping、 George、 密送:我

Dear All:

I like what 郭台銘 has said. What Mayor Han said sounded too much like someone from a protectorate country. Why Taiwan wants to be such a country? Taiwan has all the rights to be China and someday to lead China in economical development, perhaps, also in preserving old Chinese traditional culture. Why Taiwan wants to yield that privilege to become a protectorate?!

國防靠和平,市場靠競爭,技術靠研發,命運靠自己, well said by 郭台銘. Being a part of China, of course, there will be peace across the strait!! The rest are obvious.

Now, China has four major development centers: The Greater Shanghai, The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Zone, The Greater Chongqing and 港珠澳大湾区。 The revitalized Taiwan will be its fifth major development center. With the experience of being the leading one of four small dragons, Taiwan’s future has no limit. There are so many well experienced business and technical experts from Taiwan plus all those living overseas. Those of us ought to help promote this possibility and this spirit, instead of being contented with being able to 靠 the US, Japan and the goodwill of leaders in Beijing. That is a loser’s mentality!

I hope Mayor Han said what he said at Harvard and elsewhere was just for getting US support, more votes and enhanced chances for himself in 2020 but not what he totally believes in. Being colleagues at Purdue University, Ruby and I were close friends of the late Professor 徐贤修 who was the founder of 新竹 Development Zone that had important contributions to helping Taiwan to advance to a Little Dragon. He was talking so much about using Taiwan’s skills to help the Mainland to improve its agricultural technologies in his days.  He passed away 18 years ago.

George Tsao

George <geolucylo@aol.com> 于2019年4月14日周日 上午9:29写道:

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G20. A rising star, a political leader to watch


I wrote three short letters after reading Mayor Han’s speech at Harvard University.

Those who like to read the whole speech by Mayor Han, please go to Article 970 posted on this website.

970. 韓國瑜 ​哈佛演講全文《The Power of Down to Earth—They Talk the Talk, I Walk the Walk》
Posted on April 13, 2019

Here are my three letters;


Dear All:

Mayor Han appears to be likely a good leader for Taiwan. However, He might be able to do even more.

He stated My view on the 92 Consensus is naturally “One China, Respective Interpretations” based on Constitution and The Act, certainly not “One Country Two Systems,” like Macau or Hong Kong. He said so for two possible reasons. One is that he really believes in what he said. The second is for getting votes for 2020 leadership contest because there are still many Chinese in Taiwan with strong feeling towards ROC as well as for getting support from the US. If it is for the second reason, I will consider that Mayor Han is indeed smart in saying so at this time. If it is for the first reason, I will feel it being regrettable.

His acceptance of 92 Consensus is for getting good economical benefits from Mainland China. He will likely achieve his goal, once he is the leader in Taiwan government. Taiwan economy will be closely integrated with that of China. Taiwan goods will go out to the huge market on Mainland China. Visitors from the Mainland will revitalize the tourist industry in Taiwan. People in Taiwan will be happy with rich profits. 货出去, 人进来, 大家发财. However, that will make Taiwan not much different from Korea, Vietnam, Burma, and some other neighboring countries in the old days, namely being protectorates of China due to geographical reasons. The fact is no matter what is one’s interpretation, there is only one real China and that is the People’s Republic of China. ROC exists only in our memories. Every Chinese in Taiwan, by blood, by culture, by birth right and by everything else is qualified as a fully privileged Chinese. Why any person in Taiwan wants to downgrade him/herself to a mere Taiwanese, a person of a protectorate country of China? (The same thing could be said if Taiwan became an “independent” country.)

With his capability, Mayor Han may achieve even more as the political and economical system of PRC gradually evolves. There are now some persons from Hong Kong taking on important positions of PRC on the Mainland. Hong Kong’s reach is gradually diffusing beyond its borders. Hong Kong will play the leading role of the Grand Southern Bay Economical Zone of China 港珠澳大湾区. And, one can get even more and one can go even further.

George Tsao


Dear All:

Once Taiwan becomes a province or a special zone completely integrated with the rest of China, Taiwan can become one of the, if not the most, advanced and richest area in the whole China. Numerous business run by Taiwanese can move back to the Island to create employment. So are numerous Taiwanese owned factories now in Mainland. Then, being a Taiwanese will mean something highly respectable. Taiwan’s economy can become much more than just the top one of the four small dragons decades ago. I hope Mr. Han is smart and capable enough to lead Taiwan to prosperity and also has the far-sightedness to see where Taiwan can go even further than just an island economy. Of course, his immediate goal ought to be improving economy of Kaohsiung and becoming the leader of Taiwan by 2020. His speech at Harvard hopefully will assure him the support of the US.

George Tsao


Dear All:

The talk of 安全靠美國,科技靠日本,市場靠中國,努力靠自己 is really a talk of a person with a loser’s mentality. It could be useful for a while. It is certainly not a comfortable permanent arrangement except 努力靠自己 and wise move 靠自己.

Once integrated with Mainland China, Taiwan can lead the whole country. Decades ago Taiwan became the top of the four small dragons, that was when there were no bonus from a fast growing and prosperous Mainland China. With the support of the Mainland, Taiwan can become “a tiger with wings” 如虎添羽。 Its economical growth will greatly benefited from Taiwanese owned business and factories returning to Taiwan from the Mainland. There are ten of thousands of experts of high tech and new businesses from Taiwan now residing all over the world, mostly in the US and Canada, ready to help, including perhaps some of the members of this chat group. The whole China is such a huge market that all goods that can be manufactured in Taiwan is not enough to fill Chinese consumers’ appetite.

A prosperous Taiwan will have goods to go out and people to come in. Those who come in will not be just tourists but also investors and technology experts. Kaohsiung may become the busiest seaport in the World again.

George Tsao

970. 韓國瑜 ​哈佛演講全文《The Power of Down to Earth—They Talk the Talk, I Walk the Walk》


Mayor Han’s Speech at Harvard, April 11, 2019
李俊毅 2019/04/12 中時電子報







東森新聞 CH51 Published on Apr 11, 2019

「接地氣的力量」 韓國瑜哈佛演說自稱土包子

附 韓國瑜 4/11 ‘哈佛大學費正清中心’ 英文演講全文:

《The Power of ‘Down to Earth’
— They Talk the Talk, I Walk the Walk》

Good afternoon, Director Szonyi, Director Goldstein, ladies and gentlemen,

This is my greatest honor and pleasure to be here today and to begin with, I would like to express my appreciation for the long term friendship between the United States and the R. O. C., and for the support from the US government and its people, so we can engage and cooperate closely. I am more than honored to have this amazing opportunity standing at this podium, in front of the distinguished scholars at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, the most esteemed institution of Chinese Studies in the world, to share my story and to talk about what I think and what I want to do as Mayor of Kaohsiung.

In Taiwan, there are a lot of people calling me a “produce vendor.” Mainly because I worked in a local agricultural products marketing company before I ran in the Mayor election. The media often describes me with the term “down to earth,” and few individuals even name me “country bumpkin” for my humble origins, and my rather direct and unrefined language. Well today, this bald country bumpkin from Taiwan is standing before you, on the campus of one of the most prestigious universities in the world: Harvard! A few months ago, many could not have imagined this, even in their wildest dreams!

What brings me to Harvard today, is the fact that last November, I won an election in Southern Taiwan that nobody thought I could possibly win. Besides, people are saying that I single-handedly reshaped the politics of Taiwan. They are calling this wide-spread political current the “HanLiu” or “Han wave.”

However, I don’t believe in “HanLiu” or “Han Wave” because I know very well that what brings me to the Mayor position and to speak to you today, is not me as an individual, but is the will of the people. People in Taiwan, especially in Kaohsiung, have had enough of the unproductive government, enough of all the nonsense of ideological manipulation, and enough of pathetic politicians who only talk without making worthy actions.

The reason behind our success, is not because I am at any rate a great person. It is because Taiwan’s current ruling party is not doing a good job. They have disappointed the people, so the people want something different. In fact, the people of Taiwan dislike not just the DPP, but they are tired of all of traditional politicians. Especially those politicians who come up with fancy slogans and empty promises. They don’t know, and they don’t care what the people really need. They only talk the talk, but me, I walk the walk.

I walk to the people from all walks of life, with an emphasis on socially vulnerable groups. I insist to stay overnight in different folks’ places once a month, to get close to their real life. I have stayed in an orphanage, a fisherman’s association, a taxi driver’s home and will stay in many others’ places as well. I also walk to the world, to Mainland China, to Southeast Asia, to America and hopefully to more other places in the world. This is not because I like to be Mr. Fogg who traveled around the world in 81 days, but because Kaohsiung deserves more visibility and opportunities.

Kaohsiung has been isolated and closed off for too long. As a result, the economy and population are sadly declining. We need to walk out to the world to promote our produce and products, to attract more visitors, and to carry out what I advocate loudly for, “Export Goods Out, Welcome People In, Let Kaohsiung Prosper!” 貨出得去、人進得來、高雄發大財!

You might be curious how come I am so down to earth and not a stereotypical politician. Actually, once, I was one of the politicians people look down on. I had been councilor and congressman for over 10 years. And one day, I came to face the truth that I didn’t do a good job as a politician, so I just decided not to run for the next round of elections. Therefore, I fell out of the upper down to the earth. I have been down to earth ever since and stayed on it as a Mayor now. I know what the people really want – I was one of them, I had hope for the government, that the people in power can do good things for us. I know deep down peoples needs are simple and humble. People want to enjoy peace and security; want a government that can get things done; want to make money; and most importantly, want to have good life.

When I first settled in Kaohsiung, I worked as Director of KMT’s Kaohsiung Chapter and we had no funding at all. The DPP had ruled Kaohsiung for more than 20 years, so no one thought I was even close to winning. I had a very hard time raising campaign funds. So when I announced to run for the Mayor election, I went with the slogan “one bottle of water and one bowl of pork rice.” That was all I could provide to the supporters at rallies and gatherings – and most of the time, no pork rice, only a bottle of water! Yet, the reason I did that was not only because we were short of money, but also because I would like to do things differently. I will not be the politician that people dislike anymore. “One bottle of water” is totally against the traditional way of campaigning.

There’s an old saying that 「you don’t need to learn how to win an election as long as you have money.」 Back then a lot of people in Kaohsiung warned me that it would be impossible to win the election. I had nothing and my hands were empty, so that made me a non-stereotypical candidate. I was down to earth, down with the crowd and got closer to them. The people who came to my rallies and gatherings were not there for give-away gifts or buffets, they came to support!

What did I give them in return for their support? A response, a response to their worries and anxiety, a response so outspoken that only a country bumpkin would say it out loud to the people: we want to make big money! You are probably familiar with my campaign slogan, “Export Goods Out, Welcome People In, Let Kaohsiung Prosper.” And “100% for better economy and 0 % for political calculations.” Right now, Taiwan is full of political calculations especially in the Cross Straits policies. As a sad result, Taiwan’s economy has been totally compressed with no room to grow. I have listened to the people, and that is not what they want! What people really want are better incomes, good livings, peace with Mainland China, and mutual respect. That is why I am doing 100% for a better economy and 0% for political calculations.

In the meantime, as a region that is heavily trade oriented, our worst nightmare is to be marginalized. When countries around the world are actively promoting free trade, signing free trade agreements and engaging in regional economic integrations, Taiwan is excluded, and that is not okay for our economic development. The complications and difficulties of achieving regional economic integration is based on the relationship across the Taiwan Straits. To any political leader of Taiwan, the biggest challenge is to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits, and to ensure Taiwan is not excluded from important international activities.

No one wishes to live in instability and chaos. We are all very clear that the only military threat to Taiwan comes from Beijing. Like I’ve said time and again, we have no doubt that the people of Taiwan are determined to strive for democracy. Yet at the same time, we must not doubt the Beijing’s determination for unification. While it is important to strengthen our defense capabilities, we must not blind ourselves to the fact that Beijing has immense military powers. What we must to do is to strive for peaceful coexistence with Mainland China, and to use wisdom to avoid potential conflicts. This is what the people of Taiwan need. We need to face the fact that Mainland China has risen, and to avoid unnecessary confrontations. After all, “War has no winners and peace, no losers.”

Yet in these 3 short years, the international community is once again worried that conflict may erupt in the Taiwan Straits. Beijing is once again threatening unification by military force. President Tsai is talking about how many days Taiwan can hold out until international aid arrives. The Premier of our Executive Yuan is talking about taking the battles into the streets and fighting with fists and broomsticks. These scenarios of violence and bloodshed are not what the people of Taiwan are wishing for!

I believe “Export Goods Out, Welcome People In, Let Kaohsiung Prosper,” is what Kaohsiung people wishing for, and in this sense I see the 92 Consensus is practical and realistic. My view on the 92 Consensus is naturally “One China, Respective Interpretations” based on Constitution and The Act, certainly not “One Country Two Systems,” like Macau or Hong Kong. Some people say that the Beijing does not recognize “One China, Respective Interpretations.” I would like to point out that in the 8 years under KMT’s rule, Beijing certainly did not refuse to interact with us because of KMT’s stance on 92 Consensus. In fact, during those 8 years, we signed many agreements, participated in many international activities, and more countries had granted us visa-waiver status.

In the course of my campaign as Mayor of Kaohsiung, I stressed the importance of economy. My basis for Cross Straits Relations is the ‘92 Consensus. My winning the election showed that the people of Taiwan did not reject my stance on this matter. I openly shout out to President Tsai and her administration. If they are not willing to recognize the ‘92 Consensus, then they must conceive some new ideals and concrete measures so that they can sustain peace and security in the Taiwan Straits and ensure Taiwan’s economic development. They must somehow enable the people of Taiwan to continuously live in freedom and democracy. So far, they have come up empty.

The United States is without a doubt a very important friend to Taiwan ROC. The US has been our ally in terms of economics, security, military, and politics. We had the Mutual Defense Treaty, and afterwards we have the Taiwan Relations Act, which provides Taiwan with military defense capabilities. The US is also our important trade partner, and our mutual collaborations over the years have given Taiwan a secure and peaceful environment that allowed for our great economic and political developments. We cannot, and should not, drag our American friends down because we are not able to handle the Cross Straits relations effectively. It is one thing to befriend our American allies but its something else to take the American friendship for granted. We must assume our share of the responsibility to secure peace in the Taiwan Straits so that our people can live in democracy and prosperity.

To conclude, the reason I won the election is because the Kaohsiung people agree with my down to earth call for revitalizing the economy and upholding the stability. Actually most of the people in Taiwan all want, in my down to earth expression, “Taiwan is safe, and people are rich.” Since this is Harvard and there must be a lot of Christian friends here today, I would like to take a verse from the Bibles Book of Philippians as my closing remark. “Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal.”

I pressed on walking the walk and that is the power of being down to earth. Without feet on the ground, we cannot walk.

Thanks again for inviting me and thank you all very much for listening. Thank you!


= = =

韓國瑜 臉書


哈佛大學費正清研究中心 閉門座談片段